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The Rio Grande Valley, also known as the RGV is located at the Southern most tip of Texas. While driving through “The Valley” you notice a long standing culture with some modern day influences. Sometimes when you are in one of the less populated towns you get the impression you might be back in the 60s or 70s. On the other hand, when you drive down a main street in the thriving metropolitan area of McAllen, Edinburg, and Mission you may feel you are in a suburb outside of a large city. This part of the country is a crossroads between American and Mexican cultures. Don’t be fooled the Valley culture is not like any other. The Culture is unique and independent.

The Valley is an ideal place for winter vacationers. Very rarely do temperatures ever drop below freezing in the dead of winter. Natives start putting their jackets on when the temperature drops below 70. Every year a large group of “Winter Texans” come to get away from the cold weather. It’s a great place to get the tropical feel without having to leave the United States. You can get the whole packaged deal; warm weather, beaches, palm trees, and low cost of living.

For the younger crowd, Spring Break on South Padre Island is always a big hit. Thousands of college students flock to the island every spring and party it up before heading back to school. South Padre Island has been featured on everything from The Travel Channel to Girls Gone Wild.

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Fishing - Some of the best fishing in the state of Texas can be found at South Padre Island. There are many large tournament with significant prizes that are held throughout the year. People can choose from options such as South Padre Island Bay Fishing, Deep sea fishing or extreme shark fishing. 

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