Red Robin - McAllen

by Tim

On Mother's Day, I went with my wife, 3 kids, and my parents out to eat. We orginally wanted to go to the Roadhouse or Golden Corral. However, the crowds were so bad, we didn't really want to deal with them. So, as an alternative we went to the Red Robin which is located by the other two on Jackson street. I like the atmosphere of the place. It is spacious and has a good mix of new and old with a some posters from movies. The staff and is friendly and they did come by our table often enough; I never had to look for a refill.

The only downfall to the restaurant was the food. No one ate their entire meal. My wife's prime rib was over done and some of the meat looked old. My mom's lightly battered fish was battered so heavily it probably could have survived nuclear fall out. I liked my Bahja Burger. However, I felt the steak fries were bland. I was really surprised. With all the business their competitors were having, I figured they would have made sure to get it right for anyone coming in on a holiday. I guess that's why the other places had lines out the door and Red Robin was mostly empty.

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