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What's wrong with saying "Merry Christmas" on the radio. We can say everything else except these two little words. I like listening to KTEX, but this really stinks. Everyone else's feeling have to be considered except for those of us who like saying Merry Christmas. What's wrong with people, that everything offends them if it has the words Christ or God in it, are they that scared of these to words. Isn't something how a small group of people has been able to affect our belief and what the country was based on - freedom of religion. God help us all.

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Aug 15, 2014
Happy Birthday~ Carmen
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend listens to KTEX everyday. Your station plays the best country music. If possible~ could you please play "Could I have this dance" (urban cowboy version) for her birthday today. Thank you. Jojo and Patchman.

Aug 31, 2011
Big Happy Birthday!
by: Amy Fausey

Hi today is my Birthday I been listen to KTex
Can't say that KTex are good radio. Thank you
Please wish me A Happy Birthday out of McAllen Texas

Jan 06, 2011
Saying "Merry Christmas" on Radio
by: Anonymous

Just read the previous comment and I completely agree on what person says about freedom of religion. It really is extremely sad to see how our nation has allowed a small group of people to pretty much strip christian believers of that right in our society. However, my question is if this person refers specifically to not being able to mention "Merry Christmas" on KTEX only. Is this a KTEX rule or something? If so, I am completely against it and would be very saddened if KTEX has given in to those non-believers. Because I kinda have to understand the part about religion being banned from schools because kids have to attend; however, listening to radio and which station people listen to is completely each person's own choice and if they don't want to listen to the words "Merry Christmas" on radio, too bad, so sad because the rest of the world does! Besides, right before Christmas I personally heard Bonnie from 99.5 saying on radio to make sure that people didn't say or write the word X-Mas because that takes the word Christ out of it and He is the reason for the season. And she is exactly right!

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