Walking at the Harlingen City La


Walking at the Harlingen City Lake


 have reached the age of forty and I have amassed seventy extra, energy draining pounds!  There should come a time in everyone’s life when they say, “enough is enough.”  My time has come all too fast!  It seems just a few years ago, I was twenty one and in incredible shape!  Anyway, in my quest to lose this extra weight, I have visited all the local parks within 5 miles of where I live so as to determine where I can enjoy walking.  When all was said and done, the city lake park opposite the Harlingen public library seems to be the best place for me to walk for exercise. 

This is the Harlingen reservoir. it is located next to the Harlingen Public Library shown above. You can find many people walking this trail for exercise or relaxation.

First, the distance per lap is close to a mile.  Each lap takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to walk.  It is not so long that it drones on like a Nazi death march nor too short that I resemble a hamster on a wheel.  Usually after three laps, I feel I have completed a life extending and pound shedding walk.  In addition to that, I am never too far away from my car in case I have to cut my walk short. 

The second advantage of walking around the lake is the fact that the scenery is quite pleasing.   The walking path surrounding the lake is lined with trees that provide the much needed shade required for outside exercise in South Texas.  The trees stand in an orderly row like soldiers whose duty is to provide shade.  There are a number of ducks that entertain both young and old people.  The ducks swim, eat and just hang out around the lake like little children having a fun day at the park.  Sometimes you can even see the ducks “run on the water;” they fly just a few inches above while moving their legs back and forth on top of the water. 


                Other people walking make the experience more interesting.   Some people look like they just crawled out from under the bridge.  Their clothes look dirty and wrinkled.  Their hair is uncombed and they smell like they have not taken a shower in a long time.   Most of them look like they just woke up!

            On the other hand, many people look like they belong to a country club.  They wear matching outfits, $ 100.00 sunglasses, and a $300.00 walking or running shoes.  They all look like they have been exercising all their lives.  These people give me something to look forward to – literally, if you know what I mean!

            Lastly, the breeze coming off the lake is to die for.  It feels so heavenly in the South Texas scotching sun.  Early in the year, the temperature can reach dangerously high levels.  It makes you feel like you are in an oven.  The breeze helps to offset the heat generated by the sun thus making the walks I have been taking both possible and for the most part interesting.



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