Brands in Vault Denim's Inventory

by Patty Santamaria
(San Benito, Texas)

We carry between 30-40 different brands that fall into 2 styles of denim...our Fashion line and our Premium line. Our Fashion line includes brands that are typically carried in boutiques. They usually have bling or heavy stitching. These brands you'll find at boutiques, and trendier shops, they aren't as well known as the premium lines, but everyone LOVES the look!

A few of these brands include: Miss Chic, Grace in LA, LA Idol, and Vault's own lines of Ten Denim, Project Denim, Rock Paper Sexy, Jeans de Fleur, Philanthropic, and Alter Ego. These are all great sellers and typically range in price from $48-$68. Our Premium line includes brands found at high end department stores such as Neimans and Nordstroms. A few of these premium lines are Vault's own lines of Emerson Edwards and Code Denim, which you can ONLY get from Vault. These brands typically range in price from $72-$92.

These brands are constantly switching out in our inventories, so there is no guarantee that we will always carry all of them!

Blinging you way!
Patty Santamaria
956 455 8573

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by: Stacy Wasinger

I want to buy vault jeans but cant find a consultant. Please email me:

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